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Vermont invasive aquatic plant control | Lake and Pond Dredging

About Us

AE Commercial Diving Services has been in the aquatic invasive control business (Milfoil, Hydrilla, Fanwort and Asian Clams) for 16 years specializing in suction harvesting (DASH), bottom barriers and private pond and lake front dredging. More...

Aquatic Species Control

Suction Harvesting or (DASH – diver assisted suction harvesting)
Eurasian Milfoil
Variable Leaved Milfoil
Asian Clam
Fanwort More...


AE Commercial Diving Services can remove the sediment that reduces your revenues at marinas, reduces your water storage capacity on golf courses (irrigation) and ski resorts (snow making). More...

DASH Sales and Service

Custom designed and built DASH watercraft. Contact us for details. More...